Thursday, 12 January 2012

Space to grow

One of the down-falls of working with fashion everyday is your eagerness for the next new thing, which is more often than not a whole season ahead of the weather. And with the fresh start of a New Year, I am in the mood to de-clutter, starting with my winter wardrobe.

I will always be the type of girl who has drawers stuffed to overflowing and the shelves a jumble of mis-matched items. This can be a bad thing because you can forget about what's in the back and all those goodies hiding underneath, but it can be a good thing for the same reason, because when rummaging you can find all those goodies hiding underneath!

Over the years I have learnt a harsh lesson; your old treasures will always become your favourite again. DO NOT THROW AWAY! Yes, throw those worn, bobbling knits, but keep the fur gilets, shoulder pads, embellishments ... you will love them once more I promise! Box them and keep with little lavender hearts to keep fresh. 

My Top 5 items not to box, too take you through the "in-between" season ...
  1. Ankle boots. Your black leather are standard, don't forget your leopard print to clash with Spring prints.
  2. Loose boyfriend white blazer. Wear with your worn t-shirt by day and silks by night.
  3. Statement jewellery, this will always toughen-up any spring outfit.
  4. Maxi - dress or skirt. Wear with boots in the rain, wedges come sun.
  5. Cropped t-shirt - that flash of skin makes all the difference.

Fingers crossed for sun ...  xxx

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